Our Story

What We Do

The Exodus Collective’s mission is to inspire conscious relocations to the Caribbean.


This space exists to connect and engage the next generation within the African Diaspora to co-create solutions that will liberate us as a community.

Formed in June 2020, the collective emerged in response to the urgent need for alternatives amidst a global pandemic and a burgeoning uprising within wide swathes of the black diaspora.

Because we believe in the power of community, we operate as a collective - a space and a movement that is both collectively owned and driven.

The platform offers interviews with people who've made moves to the Caribbean from Europe and North America. It's an interactive community of like-minded folks with a liberal dosage of soul-centered offerings to ensure you are truly grounded as you begin your journey. 

Our Events

Join our monthly meetup circles on the first Sunday of every month where you can connect in real-time to folks across the diaspora who are in various stages of relocation to the Caribbean and beyond.

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