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Make Your

Move Abroad.

Join my virtual bootcamp designed to help you create a unique blueprint

for a fulfilling and sustainable life in the Spice Isle!

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Dreaming of starting a new life overseas?
What are you waiting for?

Start crafting your exit strategy and making connections today with the Exodus Collective's Caribbean Relocation Forum.

Want to move to Grenada?
We've got you covered!


Learn how to...

Quit The
Rat Race

We'll walk you through crafting a personalized plan that maps out a step-by-step path towards quitting your job--together we'll determine what's most important to you and how long it will take to achieve each goal.

Your Life

There are endless ways to live a fulfilling lifey overseas. If you're not sure what kind of freedom you want, we'll help you get clear on the options that work best for you.

Find Your

Are you ready to leave your country? This is a great way to learn about yourself. Get clear on how you want to live, where you want to go, what you want to do and what makes you tick.

Live With

You get to define what it means to live a meaningful life and how simple changes can lead to a new sense of happiness or accomplishment.


Let’s Talk About This!

Hey I'm Zoe Smith, the founder of

Exodus Collective.

Need 1:1 advice on moving abroad?

 Let's talk.

Here's what others say...

"The reason I chose Zoe is because I felt that I could get genuine info from her. Also I know that she stayed up late in the night to give me the requested information on St Kitts, so once again I owe her a heartfelt big thank you!"

- Manu J, India -

“I’m relocating to the Caribbean from the USA and in my research I’ve struggled to find resources for Black people by Black people. Zoe makes it easier and real for folks who might have begun to think relocating will be impossible.”

 - Rose P, USA - 

"We’re looking to relocate from South Africa to live on an island, close to nature and in peace. When I met Zoe, I found a great source of information and experience, as she has lived in both western and developing countries."

 - Maxine I, South Africa - 

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