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Tired of the daily grind? Escape the corporate rat race and for a life of freedom!

I'm offering my subscribers  a pre-launch invitation to be part of an intensive coaching program that supports you to scale your location-independent business.

Work From Anywhere will launch to the general public via my YouTube channel later this year.

But before that, I'm looking for a small group of four or five beta testers to help me fine-tune the program at a huge discount.

It's a unique opportunity for me to work alongside you to create the freedom to make your move abroad a reality!

Ready For a Change? Join Today. Here's What You'll get:


Sign up today and you'll not only receive personalized coaching, weekly feedback, and access to a supportive community, but you'll also gain the tools and knowledge needed to successfully launch your dream business abroad:

💥 2 x hour-long 1:1 coaching calls with me to help you map out and refine your relocation/business-launch timeline;

💥 16 Weekly assignments so that you can create and put in place the building blocks to scale your business (with feedback from me); 

💥 16 Weekly 1-hr Zoom group check-ins to iron out any stumbling blocks so that by the end of the process you're up and running (zero excuses)!


💥 Lifetime access to an intimate community of highly-motivated women on a

mission to carve out the life they truly desire and support and collaborate with each other every step of the way;


💥 Access to my black book of global relocation experts and influencers.



Want to make a big splash with your product or service launch? Choose Exodus Collective's promotional package! Our package includes:

🎁 1x 20-minute Exodus Collective YouTube video to promote your product/services on the world's 2nd largest search engine (including interview, video editing, thumbnail design, and SEO and promotion);


🎁 1 x community post on the Exodus Collective YouTube channel, reaching over 8,000 subscribers;


🎁 1x customized blog post on the Exodus Collective website to showcase your product or service;


🎁 2 x Exodus Collective newsletter mentions to help drive traffic to your business;


🎁 1 x Exodus Collective IG post that showcases your offering in a visually stunning way;


🎁 3 x Exodus Collective IG stories that will give your product or service the attention it deserves.

Work From Anywhere is SOLD OUT

Get on the waitlist if you’d like to be the first to know when it reopens.


I’d love to support you in finding freedom and moving abroad this year.

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