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Buttons and Pockets


Tailor Made Solutions

Done with the hustle and looking to relocate to the Caribbean for a better, slower paced life?


Exodus Co. offers a suite of services to make your transition to the Spice Isle as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Visa & Immigration

We help you navigate the visa and immigration process: gathering the necessary paperwork, filing the applications, and arranging any necessary interviews.


Corporate Services

If you're looking to start or expand a business in Grenada, we help you with everything from market research to setting up your business and complying with local regulations.


Relocation Assistance

From assisting you in finding a place to live, to getting your belongings shipped, to arranging your driver's license, we have you covered


Social Connections

Grenada is a small island with a close-knit community. We help you connect with foreigners and local Grenadians alike. With our events and support, we curate experiences that create a true sense of belonging.


Healthcare Planning

Grenada has a good healthcare system, but it is important to plan ahead for any potential medical expenses. We assist you in finding a doctor, get insurance, and understand the local healthcare system and how to access it. 



Ready to start your new life in Grenada? We can help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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