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Dreaming of a new life abroad but unsure
where to start

Ditch the fear, frustration and uncertainty and embrace a life of freedom and fulfillment with "Master Your Move", a two-day workshop to help you map your abroad with confidence.

Date: June 3-4, 2023 Time: 11-1pm AST
Location: Zoom

Ready For a Change? Join Today. Here's What You'll Get:

Sign up today and gain the support, tools and knowledge to make your move abroad a reality, without feeling stuck with doubt and uncertainty.





💫 Define Your Goals 
What do you hope to achieve by moving abroad? Do you want to experience a new culture, learn a new language, save money or embrace a new way of living?


I'll show you how getting clear on your desires is the most effective way to set the parameters for your search.


💫 List Your Priorities 
What is most important to you in a new destination? Consider factors such as cost of living, the climate, the language(s) spoken, and cultural fit.


We'll move from the dream to the reality by mapping out the non-negotiable criteria for your destination.


💫 Know Your Options

When thinking about moving, the endless list of countries and cultures to choose from can feel overwhelming! 


Discover the most effective way to learn more about your options as I walk you through the fundamental differences between visas, residency and citizenship.



💫 Narrow Your Search
We'll kick of the session by forgetting about what looks good on IG and YouTube! Whittle down on your destinations list by considering factors such as your budget, your desired climate, lifestyle, the healthcare system or even the dating scene.


💫 Research the cost of living

The cost of living can vary greatly from country to country. Learn how to research and factor in the cost of housing, food, transportation, and other expenses when making your destination decision.


💫 Create Your Unique Destination Profile
Once you have your destination hit list in mind, I'll show you how to deep dive into gathering the information you really need (and how to ignore all the rest).


This includes things like exploring travel blogs, finding the right travel forums and FB groups, watching documentaries, and how to connect with people who have already moved there.


💫 EARLY BIRD BONUS: The Ultimate Scouting Trip Guide
Learn how to plan successful familiarisation trips - your change to test run your ideal abode. Get my full list of tips and tricks on how to weigh the pros and cons of each destination and make a more informed decision.

(Video guide and planner exclusively available with purchases made before 05/28/2023)








🎁Exclusive Online Community

A private online community where you can connect with your fellow participants, share your experiences, and seek advice.


It's a supportive environment for you to build connections, exchange valuable insights, and receive additional guidance from your peers.


🎁 Comprehensive Guidebook

A downloadable guidebook that covers all the essential information and exercises covered in the challenge.


This guidebook can serve as a valuable reference tool even after the challenge ends, allowing you to revisit the concepts and strategies discussed during the course.


🎁 Worksheets and Templates 

Printable worksheets and templates that help participants organize their thoughts, set goals, and create action plans.


These resources can assist you in breaking down your roadmap into manageable steps and provide a structured approach to planning your move abroad.

🎁 Recommended Reading List

A list of recommended books, articles, and online resources related to moving abroad, personal growth, and cultural adaptation.


This curated list will expland knowledge and provide further insights into the challenges and opportunities of redesigning your life and living in a new country.


We really think that this effort Zoe is undertaking is inspiring and important. We appreciate that if she was entirely profit motivated, she would be doing this work very differently and it was just nice to be talking to people who want the same things for their children for the same reasons that we do. We are isolated in so many ways where we are now so just seeing real people doing the thing was refreshing. 


“I’m relocating to the Caribbean from the USA and in my research I’ve struggled to find resources for Black people by Black people. Zoe makes it easier and real for folks who might have begun to think relocating will be impossible.”


"The reason I chose you is because I felt that I could get genuine info from you. Also I know that you stayed up late in the night to give me the requested info, so once again a heartfelt big thank you."


This workshop is the perfect way to learn everything you need to know about moving abroad. Don't wait any longer, reserve your place today!

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